5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscaping Contractor

5-things-to-consider-when-hiring-landscape-contractorChoosing a landscaping contractor is an important homeowner decision.  Landscaping is not only a financial investment, but a personal one as well as you will live in and use that space for several years.  Therefore,  just as you would when remodeling a kitchen or bath, you want to ensure you hire a contractor that is knowledgeable, experienced, will be able to meet your design taste/goals, and most importantly provides excellent customer service and follow up.

With that in mind, Schmittel’s Nursery offers 5 things to consider when hiring a landscaping contractor.

1. Working Within Your Budget

Of course when starting any home improvement project, determining a budget should always be one of the first things you consider.  Once determined, contact a landscape contractor who is willing provide a few different landscape design options that are within your budget.  A reputable landscaping contractor will provide you these options in specific detail in writing.

2. Experience

Be aware that in the landscaping industry there are a lot of companies that started “overnight”, therefore you want to ensure your landscape contractor has several years of experience.  Experienced contractors will be familiar with a variety of different landscapes/property types and will know what designs will work best for your specific property.

3. Design

We recommend hiring a contractor with their own professional design team.  With outside or outsourced designers there is a greater chance for things to be “lost in translation”.  With an in-house design team, the contractor and designer will both be familiar with the project and readily available to clarify design elements.

4. Fulfillment

Many of the larger landscape contractors will also have an onsite nursery to showcase the plant, stone, soil, mulch, or other materials that will be used in your design.  This makes it things much easier when it comes to fulfilling the landscape design as the contractor will have all the necessary materials to complete your project on site… reducing the overall fulfillment time which is always a plus.

5. Customer Service & Follow UP

The final thing you will want to consider is the customer service and follow up the landscape contractor provides.  Ensure the landscape contractor is answering all your questions, listening to your input, and responding to your request in a timely manner.  If they are failing to do so before the project even begins imagine what it will be like after the dotted line has been signed.

Ask the contractor for references, read reviews online, and gather input as to how former customers feel about their landscaping services.  Check for both pre and post project service as proper follow up is key.  The last thing you would want is to be left in the dark when the project has been completed.

You will also want to ask the landscape contractor if they provide warranties and/or guarantees on the plant material and construction elements as reputable contractors generally will provide both.

At Schmittel’s Nursery, we have been providing professional landscaping design and construction services in the St Louis and St Charles Missouri areas for over 14 years.  If you have any questions regarding your landscaping design, we invite you to contact us today for free consultation.