The Benefits of Trees in St. Louis

the benefits of trees in st louisWe have been taught that trees are the lifeblood of our ecosystem as long as we can remember. Without trees human and other animals existence would be at risk. One tree has the ability to supply the oxygen for 20 people for a year. When a tree is healthy it can provide as much cooling as 10 room sized air conditioners that are operating for 20 hours a day. Schmittel’s Nursery in Maryland Heights has an extensive selection of trees in stock including shade trees, ornamental trees, flowering trees, evergreen trees and fruit trees. Our professional staff will help you select the trees that fit your landscape design for your home or business.

With fall being the perfect time to plant trees , Schmittel’s wanted to share with you some of the benefits of planting more trees:

Along with the oxygen that we mentioned above, trees that are properly placed around buildings can reduce your air conditioning needs by 30 percent and this will also result in a 20-50 percent reducing in energy used for heating your home or business. An average-sized tree is estimated to provide $7 in annual environmental benefits, including reduced pollution. A recent study in St. Louis of trees on public property excluding park lands showed that St. Louis public trees provide about $4.4 million in benefits. An example is that a cypress tree with a 12-inch trunk offers the equivalent of $20 annually in benefits.

One acre of forrest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and generates four tons of oxygen. Which is enough to meet the needs of 18 people. With an average passenger size vehicle producing 11,450 pounds of CO2 annually and a tree only being able to absorb 13 pounds annually, you can see that it is very important to our environment to plant more trees and maintain their health.

The planting of trees improves water quality and will create less runoff and erosion. Trees reduce pollutants and and sediment from reaching the water by trappings its particles. Trees roots help to bind soil and stabilize your landscape preventing them from eroding. More trees will help your landscape by stoping surface water overflowing your drainage systems. Storm water runoff flow decreases by 2 percent for every 5 percent of land that is protected by the cover of trees.

Adding trees to your landscape will have a positive impact to the real estate value of your home or business. Mature trees have often brought $1,000-$10,000 to the appraised value of a home. More than 80 percent of realtors believe that mature trees have a strong to moderate impact on salability of homes listed under $150,000. With homes over $250,00 the percentage increases to 98 percent.

The benefits of planting trees shouldn’t just be limited to the improvements to the environment or the financial gain. For generations people will be able to experience the benefits of the trees’ protection and beauty. We encourage the addition of trees to any home or commercial property, it is important to care for them so they stay healthy and reach maturity and you will be able to reap the full benefit. Schmittel’s services both St. Louis and St. Charles counties, our staff guarantees to assist you in selecting the perfect tree for your landscape or yard. If you have questions or would like addition information about our selection of trees or installation services fee l free to contact us.