Fall is Just Around the Corner: A Great Time to Plant Trees

Fall is Just Around the Corner: A Great Time to Plant Trees schmittels nurseryBeyond contrary belief fall is an ideal season for planting trees. Schmittel’s Nursery in St. Louis would like to share tips on when to plant trees. The key to its success is encouraging root growth, planting them with plenty of time before a hot St. Louis summer will allow the root systems to grow safely.


The ideal time to plant trees is six weeks before the first sign of frost. Fall officially begins in late September with the autumnal equinox. September through November is the ideal time to plant trees because it will allow time for the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in. Planting to late into fall will have a negative effect on plant health.


The cooler wetter weather is perfect for tree planting, the cooler temperatures and rain in the fall will mean less watering and the best conditions for root establishment. When tree shoot growth halts, the tree will require less water because the days are cooler and shorter, causing the rate of photosynthesis to decrease. Stable air temperatures promote rapid root development. The soil will stay warm well after the air temperatures cool, which is good for root growth. During shoot dormancy, trees grow to establish roots in new locations before warm weather stimulates growth.


There are many different benefits of planting your trees in the fall. Trees that are planted in the fall are better equipped to deal with the extreme St. Louis heat and the potential for drought. When you plant in the fall you are able to pick your trees by the color they produced in the fall. Some of the best trees to plant in the fall are: maple, spruce, pine, sycamore, linden, elm buckeye, horse chestnut, alder, catalpa, hackberry, hawthorn, ash, honey locust, crabapple and amur corktree.


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