How to Plant Flowers in Your Landscaping

How To Plant Flowers In Your LandscapingAlthough planting flowers in your landscaping design may seem like a simple task, we here at Schmittel’s Nursery recommend following the steps below to achieve the best results:

1. Sketch Out The Area:

Take the time to sketch out the area where you plan on planting your flowers.  Be sure to include the size, shape, and the amount of sunlight the area receives.

2.  Choosing Flowers:

Do a little research before purchasing flowers.  Browse the internet for information on the growing conditions required for each flower.  Choose flowers with colors that will accent your property, that will fit in the area, and meet the sunlight/growing conditions.

3.  Create a Design:

Now that have chosen the flowers for your landscaping, create a design layout as to where you intend on planting each flower.  We recommend planting the taller flowers in the back, medium in the middle, and smaller in the front.  Ensure to leave enough space between each flower as they will grow in time.

4. Know The Growing Season:

According to the farmers almanac  the most favorable time to plant flowers in St Louis MO is between May 14th and 15th.  That being said, you may want to speak to a local professional to find the optimal time to plant flowers in your area.

5. Prepare the Area & Plant Flowers:

Remove all weeds, grass, rocks, or other unnecessary materials from the garden.  Mix top soil with an organic material – such as compost – and plant your flowers according to the design created in Step Three.

6.  Maintenance:

Be sure to water, weed, and feed your flowers throughout the season.

To learn more about planting flowers in St Louis, please contact us.  We are a local Nursery offering landscaping products and services in the St Louis and St Charles areas.