Fall Tree Sale

Fall is our favorite time of year and that is why we have our biggest fall tree sale! We have hundreds of trees for you that are ready to be installed this fall!

15% off all deciduous varieties: Red maples, Sugar maples, Oaks, Hornbeam, Dogwood, Cherry, Crabapple and more!

Planting in the fall is less stress on your plants and gives them more time to settle in before the heat of summer kicks in. The Arbor Day Blog has some great information on why you should plant in fall.

Our staff is here everyday ready to help you pick out the best tree for your yard. They will have some questions for you to make sure they provide the best recommendation and to ensure the best health for your new tree. 

  • What kind of sun does your yard get? Is it in the morning or afternoon?
  • What kind of soil does your yard have? Is it clay, rock, or muddy?
  • Do you have any wildlife, like deer, that would notice a new tree in your yard?

Add on our Starter Kit to your install for only $39. It will include: 

  • Tree Wrap: It protects the bark during the winter when cold winds can crack the bark and leave room for intruders (Bores) to enter.
  • Bio Flora Crumbles: An organic slow release fertilizer that delivers nutrients directly to the trees root system.
  • Systemic Insect Drench: It kills insects such as Beetles, Bores, Aphids, and more. And it stays in your plant for 1 year!
  • Root Stimulator & Starter Solution: It aids in development of stronger root structure and promotes growth.

If you have any questions please contact us, or come visit anytime we are open 7 days a week!