Creating Outdoor Entertainment Space in Your Landscape

creating outdoor entertainment space in your landscapeNormally when you think of your landscape you think of the front of your home or business. A large trend with the impressive landscapes in the St. Louis are taking the landscaped front and leading it to the back where they have integrated a outdoor entertainment space. With arbors welcoming you from the side yard and a path wrapping around full circle and if you  want to take it to the next level you could introduce a landscaped water feature. With Schmittel’s Nursery in St. Louis you can create the outdoor entertainment space of your dreams for your home and business, here are some features that you can bring to yours.

Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit, Grill & a Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Creating your outdoor entertainment are is all based on what you would want to use it for. Creating an outdoor fire place adds year round entertainment that you can use in your entertainment space. It give you a distinct focal point to you landscape and can give you an outdoor living room feel. The addition of a fire pit will bring you the same year round usage but gives you flexible more casual hangout space. Perfect for entertaining friends or family, also a place your kids can entertain their friends while being outside and safe at your household. The trend of building your grill into your hardscape has been something that adds feature and also an attractive prep space for you while entertaining outdoors. Adding a wood burning pizza oven can be for the pizza fanatic or a way to make a delicious dinner while getting the whole family involved in the fun.

Creating Multiple Seating Areas

When designing your space it’s good to look ahead at the possible uses of your outdoor landscape. If you have the room, adding multiple seating areas is the way to give yourself an extremely functional entertainment space.  Creating a cozy living space for your outdoor entertaining area is a must. You’ll want your dining table to sit down and have the meal your prepared on your outdoor grill or pizza oven, but nothing brings your in like collection of informal chair around a fire pit or a built-in bench with outdoor pillows. Creating an outdoor bar for the adults can be a fun way to get your guests involved while you prepare drinks or check up on the food on the grill. Using natural stones for the bar will give you the durable and luxurious place to catch up with your friends. Lanterns and other forms of outdoor light creates an inviting space, rounded out with outdoor rugs will expand your home’s living space.

Giving Your Space That Tropical Touch

It may be getting late into the fall but adding the tropical touch to your landscape is still possible. Bring colored perennial elements can help to give you the exotic feel. The key to doing this is keeping the tropical plants that you use in potted plants that you can sink into the ground when the weather is nice and when it takes a turn to colder weather you will have to keep them dormant in a garage or bring inside as a house plant depending on the plant. Tiki torches and a small water feature can help to close off that tropical theme that you have brought to your landscape.

Outdoor Televisions & Speakers

Thanks to today’s technology, you can now enjoy media and music outdoors. Incorporating a weatherized flat screen or a complete yard cinema will give you the ability to enjoy watching the game outside or even your favorite movies. Sitting around a fire with your favorite music playing brings the extra touch when spending your evening outdoors with friends and family. Ideally,  your outdoor speaks should be easy to hear but nearly impossible to see where it is coming from. Speakers built into pots, rock shaped speakers or hiding them into your overhangs gives you the enjoyable experience without the bulky look of speakers.

Hardscaping is the backbone of any outdoor landscaped space. Creating traditional indoor spaces outdoors will help to expand your home’s living space exponentially. Let us help you turn a less used space, into the new hangout place for the whole family and  all your friends. Whether you are trying to create outdoor kitchen, garden escape, backyard tiki bar, or a casual entertaining space for your friends and family; Schmittel’s should be your first stop to get a free landscape design consultation to start the process. We can help you determined what design will work best for you, and if you go with our design, our landscap installation team can help you complete your project from start to finish.