Stress! Best way to help your new tree.

  • Maintain watering schedule
  • Apply Root Stimulator monthly to promote roots
  • Be patient

Check the existing root ball daily for at least 2 weeks so you have a good sense of how much water the tree is using. Pull back mulch near the original root ball, about 8-10 inches from trunk, push your index finger into the root ball. If it is dry to you first knuckle water. I use a hose turned on a trickle at the trunk of the tree for 15-30 minutes, nice and slow, you want a deep watering. You don’t have to water daily but you do need to check the tree.

Factors that affect watering.

  • Rain, may or may not be enough
  • Wind, tends to dry foliage out quickly
  • Lawn irrigation, don’t trust it, lawn irrigation is meant for lawns not trees
  • Heat and duration without rain

It will take a tree about 3 years to get rooted in and settled in it’s new home.  Autumn Blaze, in particular will take on fall color when stressed from dry conditions as well as transplanting. You may see this happen for the next few years when it gets hot and dry. Monitor your tree closely.

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