Lilac Sale

St. Louis Nursery Lilac Sale

Lilacs are best known for the pleasant and prominent fragrance they release. Their original scent is so lovely it’s recreated into candles and perfumes, yet nothing compares the fresh aroma of a blooming lilac. These beautifully captivating flowers are a perfect fit for centerpieces, accents, hedges, and screens. Lilacs tend to bloom with color mid-season and require minimal care to thrive. Once in bloom, you can expect frequent visits from stunning butterflies and hummingbirds.

For a limited time our 7-gallon lilacs will be on sale for $60. Transform your home, garden, or yard today and get ahold of these enchanting and delightful flowers!

Lilacs come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. We offer Common, Charles Joly, President Grevy, President Lincoln, and Sensation.

Common Lilacs

The most popular of the lilac varieties, Common Lilacs, provide fantastic spring pigments year after year. This flower is an upright, multi-stemmed shrub decorated with bright purples flowers and heart-shaped, green foliage.

Charles Joly Lilacs

Charles Joly Lilacs are arranged in double flower clusters that are highly fragrant and a deep wine red. These plants grow to medium-sized shrubs with open-branched habit and bright green foliage.

President Grevy Lilacs

The double violet-blue flowers backed with contrasting dark green, heart-shaped foliage, known as President Grevy Lilacs are prolific bloomers that strongly attract butterflies.

President Lincoln Lilac

Known as the bluest of the lilacs, President Lincoln Lilacs produce showy panicles overflowing with single lavender flowers surrounded by vibrant green foliage.

Sensation Lilacs

Award-winning and highly favored, the Sensation Lilacs are renowned for their unique bicolor flowers. These shrubs produce pyramidal panicles of purple and red florets with white edges all along their perimeter.