POND-O-RAMA is this Weekend

Our stop is on the Sunday tour and our hours are 10-4 

Looks to be lovely weather this weekend and hope you come to join us. We will be showcasing all of our beautiful perennials around our pond while also celebrating National Pollinator week. Pollinators are so important to our ecosystem and most importantly our food! They are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat.

It also includes more than just bees. Pollinators includes birds, bats, other small mammals and beneficial insects such as flies, moths, wasps, ants, butterflies & beetles. They require more than just plants to pollinate, but also shelter from predators.

Pollinator.org is an amazing website that gives you so much information on how to help out pollinators, and all the simple ways to ensure a brighter more sustainable future. 

For more information on Pond-O-Rama, check out this article from STL Mag.