Prepare Your Landscape for Cold Weather in St. Louis

prepare your landscape for cold weather in st louisWith the cold comes the time that you are able to put off your yard work and less mowing and weeding. That means that it is important to take the steps to ensure your landscape is ready for the weather. Schmittel’s Nursery in St. Louis wants to share tips on keeping the appearance of your landscape up and some cold weather care tips that we encourage you to practice.

Harsh conditions can leave bald spots on your lawn, to prevent this we suggest you should strengthen your turf with slow releasing fertilizer several weeks before the first freeze. The cost is higher but it is less likely to wash away and will nourish your yard for months. If you have bald spots a crisp fall day is perfect for applying sod, it will look unusual now but when fall rolls around it will be fully integrated and your yard will look great when it matters. Tall grass does not protect the lawn and can trap moisture inviting fungus disease problems. It is important to keep fall leaves off the lawn, whether your rake, blow or use a mulching mower we need to keep the leaves picked up.

If you have trees and shrubs we suggest you take to proper steps to prune them. We suggest you bring in the professionals but if you insist on doing it yourself or just want to learn more about the process here is a prior article that will teach you about pruning. Pruning now will promote thick, bountiful growth in the spring. Watering late in the season will also protect your shrubs and other plants from temperature changes.

Rely on mulch to protect your landscape. Using composted organic mulch under your tree in the fall or early winter will help retain water and reduce the temperature extremes in the soil. A fresh layer of mulch will act like a blanket and give your plants and tree’s roots protection in the unpredictable St. Louis weather. To learn more about why you should mulch in the fall we suggest you read about it here. Schmittels offers mulch installation by our professional staff. We can also have it delivered to you or it can be picked up at our nursery in Maryland Heights. We also have a mulch calculator to give you an estimate price here.

If it isn’t a wet winter and the temperature permits, an occasional watering of young trees can be a lifesaver. It is important to only water when soil and trees are cool but not frozen. Young trees can have problems prevented by wrapping their base with burlap or plastic cloth to prevent temperature damage. Removing them in the spring is crucial.

Fall is also the time to note your landscape success or failures. It will help set the tone on your landscaping plans for next year. If your landscape needs a total renovation we encourage you to take action now. Fall is the Ideal Time for a Landscape Renovation. Schmittel’s offers free landscape design consultation and we have all the products and services to bring your landscape to the next level. To learn more contact us or visit our nursery.