Flower Nursery in St. Louis

At Schmittel’s Nursery we offer an array of locally grown flowers in St. Louis, MO.  Schmittel’s Nursery believes that locally grown flowers not only support local growers but ensures the highest quality available.  We are directly involved with selections grown and baskets that cannot be found at the big box stores.  We make every effort to offer our customers only the finest annuals and perennials in the area. Visit our nursery to view our selection, or contact us with questions! We do our best to accomodate all requests and if contacted we can surely check into seeing if a specific product is available to us for purchase. When choosing the right flowers for your yard it is best to come prepared with what type of environment they will be in; Morning sun vs afternoon, and also watering needs/access for them. This information helps our associates find the best plant for you!


Annual flowers are planted annually (hence the name annuals) that are intended to be planted every spring and lasting for the remainder of the season throughout the fall.  In the spring, Schmittel’s Nursery receives new shipments of our annuals weekly.


Perennial flowers are flowers that are planted with the intent of returning every year.