Cherokee Princess Dogwood Trees

Widely considered the most beautiful of the native American flowering trees, The Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood is State Tree of Missouri.  Dogwoods are rather small trees that typically will range from 15 to 30ft tall.  Their height and flowering combination make the Dogwood a popular tree to use in both commercial and residential landscaping projects, planted near property entries, patios, or in lawns.

Schmittel’s Nursery currently has large selection of Dogwoods in stock at our Tree Nursery in St. Louis County Missouri.  Our professionally trained Nursery staff will help you pick out a Dogwood and the proper materials to plant your tree on your property.  For your convenience, we also offer both tree delivery and installation services.

If you have any additional questions regarding our stock of Cherokee Princess Dogwoods, we invite you to stop by our Tree Nursery in Maryland Heights or contact us for a free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!