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General Pruning Tips for Any Gardener

In most instances, trees and shrubs can be pruned back slightly during the dormant season when all leaves are off their branches. This requires a sharp pair of pruning shears that can cut through the…

Happy Holidays

Winter Watering

We are coming into colder weather and it is important to keep newly planted trees watered until the ground is frozen. We highly recommend that you water your trees, shrubs, and evergreens this week with…

Deer Rut Tree Guard

Fall is deer rutting season. During this time deer will rub their antlers as part of their mating ritual. It takes them little or no time to destroy your tree. Most often this causes life…

Importance of Retaining Wall Construction

Importance of Retaining Wall Construction

When deciding to add a retaining wall to your property, it is critical to remember the importance of proper retaining wall construction. Although it is often overlooked due to their aesthetic beauty, Retaining walls are actually designed…