General Pruning Tips for Any Gardener

In most instances, trees and shrubs can be pruned back slightly during the dormant season when all leaves are off their branches. This requires a sharp pair of pruning shears that can cut through the branch and not crush them. This is a general rule of thumb for most trees and shrubs. There are others that do require a bit more thought on when they should be cut by the bloom time.

Spring time bloomers do best when cut after their blooms, as this lets you enjoy the blooms and then give them time to prepare new buds for the following season. If cut back during the dormant season, this can lead to an unsightly bloom appearance. Summer and Fall time bloomers can be cut back during February and March to create a full and lush blooming season for them. 

When pruning any plant back make sure you are cutting in the correct spot where the branch splits into another and not in the middle of a main branch. 

Check out this guide on the Proven Winners website for more information and visual guides!

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