How To Properly Water Your Lawn and Plants in the St. Louis Summer

how to properly water your lawn and plants in the st louis summer Watering is a critical part in maintaining healthy turf and  plants. In the hot St. Louis summer water can be the factor that makes or breaks your lawn. At Schmittle’s St. Louis we wanted to share some tips on keeping your garden and lawn looking green in the scorching summer sun.

The time to water:

The ideal time to start watering your would be in the morning hours at around 5. This is the most efficient time to water because it will not evaporate as quickly as watering during the day, and is safer than watering at night because it promotes diseases.

How much water:

In St. Louis lawns require as much as 1 to 1.5 inches per week. By purchasing a rain gauge you can track how much you are watering and how much rain fall there was. Most plants require different amounts of water so by searching on the internet you can usually find specifics.

We hope these tips can help you with keeping your plants and lawn alive and green this summer. Contact us for information about our nursery products and landscape services.